Map My Gut

The human microbe community (microbiome) plays a key role in our health and is vital for digestion, vitamin production and regulation of our immune system and even our mood and appetite. As a result, understanding how the bacteria living in your gut affects you and what you can do to increase its diversity is vital for wellbeing.

This innovative and forward-thinking screening programme is the brainchild of Professor Tim Spector co-founder of the British Gut project, Dr Alessandra Cervino, an expert in the field of genetics and microbes and Jeff Leach co-founder of the American Gut project.

Map My Gut is a unique lifetime health management company providing in-depth personalised microbiome analysis examining links between our health and the many bacteria living in our guts. As well as personalised testing the company also performs research into healthy foods and diets and advise the health food industry.

Having recently completed the training on Map My Gut testing in January, and meeting their rigorous qualification requirements, I’m pleased to offer this service to clients. For more information on the Map My Gut section on my website under Services.

You can also read one woman’s experience of using Map My Gut by following this link –

I’m awaiting my own test results…. we will see what a nutritional therapist’s gut looks like!

Posted by: Lucy - 14th February 2017