Welcome to Southville Nutrition

Based in Bristol, Southville Nutrition offers One to One Nutritional Therapy consultations to develop personalised nutrition programmes that fit with your lifestyle.

Southville Nutrition offers Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Balance Packages, GAPS Consultations, Training & Special Events, all aiding the promotion of health, peak performance and individual wellbeing. We pride ourselves on taking an individualised science-based approach to support optimum health and wellness. We passionately believe in the power of nutrition and the effect it can have on every aspect of our health and well being. Southville Nutrition has a special interest in:
Digestive health
Mental health, including addiction and eating disorders
Female health and hormonal imbalances, including fertility
Weight management, including Metabolic Balance and Nutrigenomic Plans

Unsure what is right for you? Overwhelmed by whether GAPS, SCD or low FODMAP is right for your digestion? Trying to lose weight and experimenting with low carbohydrate plans, Paleo eating plans, intermittent fasting or ketogenic diets? Southville Nutrition has a wealth of experience in these areas and can help identify which style of eating is right for you.

You can use this site to find out more about what founder, Bristol Nutritional Therapist Lucy Patterson DipION FdSc mBANT CNHC offers, and see how Southville Nutrition can benefit you.


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Map My Gut

The human microbe community (microbiome) plays a key role in our health and is vital for digestion, vitamin prod